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Day 4 looked ominous with it blowing a gutser at 10am but moderated by the start time  of 1300 to about 10 knots. In addition the rain was teeming down which also eased by the start time, there was even occasional sunshine in the afternoon.

Race 4

The initial start line was heavily biased with the entire fleet trying to start at the committee boat end, there was not a boat to be seen at the pin end. The line was relaid and a new black flag start which was a general, but 4 boats missed out on the re-start.

Once the fleet got away Vials worked out a lead followed by Bax, Lovering, Andy McKee, Dave McKee and Wells, second time around it was Vials, Lowering, Andy, Bax, Davy & Dave McKee – which was also the finishing order.

Race 5

Another problem line but eventually the boats got away after another black flag, again Vials took the lead Lovering second and Andy McKee third. John Wilson was right up there for the early part of the race 14th with Philippa 15th.

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