Tuning Your Boat
Every one of the top sailors will gladly talk about tuning and technique, as will the main sailmakers and boat builders.
Two UK sailmakers who compete in Fifteens with great success have tuning guides on their web sites, and these guides include detailed measurements for mast rake, position, tension etc. Remember these guides are designed for UK boats most of which have their shroud plates through the gunwhales. Many Australian boats have the shroud plate further inboard, this will have a small effect on the spreader length, etc..
A former UKFFA President – David McKee also had some tuning notes published and these may be accessed via the UKFFA web site.
Suggested sites are:

Boat Builders
Ovington Boats (GBR)
Ovington FF boats are supplied as finished hulls with or without keels for either complete or home fit out or completion by a small number of dealers – typically Phil Evans or P&B.
Registered Office / Workshop
Tanners Bank
North Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE30 1JH
Great Britain
Works: +44 (0)191 257 6011
Email: mail@ovingtonboats.co.uk

Fit Out Services
Phil Evans Sailing Services (GBR.
Phil Evans    +44 (0)1539 738 900                  philevans.sailing@btinternet.com

Ian Pinnell    +44 (0)1604 592808                     info@pinbax.com

There are many sailmakers who produce sails for Flying Fifteens, the most commonly used are:

  • Cassidy Sails, Churchlands, WA,         08 9383 7048
  • Yachting Services Australia, WA          0418 612 262
  • Thomson Sails, Victoria (agent for Hyde Sails) 0403 011 062
  • Irwin Sails, Hampton East, Victoria     03 9555 7328
  • Unique Sails, Paynesville, Victoria       0411 743 602
  • South Eastern Sails                                  03 9733 6144

United Kingdom