The Coweslip Trophy

Winners 1962 – 2016

Winners 2017 – onwards

The Coweslip Trophy was presented to the Association by HRH Prince Philip in 1962. It was named after the Flying Fifteen built by Uffa Fox and presented to HM Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip as a wedding present by the people of the Town of Cowes. Prince Philip often sailed with Uffa Fox at Cowes in Coweslip.

The Trophy is comprised of 2 parts. Firstly there is a silver trophy (in the style of a cowslip flower), and rather than have the trophy engraved there is a book in which all of the winners are registered. It is awarded annually to the winner of the Australian Championship.

In 2016 it became apparent that we needed a new book, so we had a replica of the original produced in Australia and on completion in 2017 it was sent to Buckingham Palace where HRH Prince Philip signed the new volume.