Flying Fifteen International – Australia Inc. (FFI-A) makes no representation whatsoever as to the authenticity of otherwise of the advertisers or potential vendors on this website or the ownership or existence or quality of the items or products they are offering for sale. Advertisers are cautioned that potential purchasers may be fraudulent or otherwise unable to complete a transaction. FFI-A recommends that all parties conduct their own due diligence prior to releasing any funds or property.

Advertising Rates for non members of FFIA Boats For Sale are $30 for 3 months, payable in advance.
If you are not a member you should contact the webmaster sending him copy of the proposed advertisement, together with photos (only Flying Fifteens and related equipment). The webmaster will arrange for an invoice to be sent to you & once the payment has been received the advertisement will be displayed.
Advertising for members of FFIA is free.