Flying Fifteen International (FFI) manages the affairs of the class and liaises with World Sailing etc on our behalf. FFI has its own constitution and administers any changes to the measurement rules and World & European Championship regulations. FFI is governed by Council which consists of the Officers, Appointed Members and Co-opted Members, and each National Association is entitled to an appointed member (normally FFIA appoints the National President as our delegate). Any changes to the constitution, measurement rules or championship regulations must be approved by Council and then put to a world wide ballot of all boat owning members of the National FF Associations before any changes can be implemented – in the case of measurement rule changes they also have to be approved by World Sailing. FFI is responsble for organising World & European Championship events, although they invariably delegate the day to day organisation to the local National Association.

Flying Fifteen International Australia Inc (FFIA) acts as FFI’s represenative in Australia and comprises The Officers plus state delegates as defined in the Constitution.

Boat Owners who are financial with a State Association are members of FFIA and entitled to vote in FFI & FFIA ballots plus FFIA AGM’s etc..

FFIA together with the host club is responsible for organising the National Championship.

FFIA delegates the administration of local events etc to the various State Associations.

  Officers of FFIA Inc
President: Russell Dawes
Secretary: Karen Dawes
Treasurer: Jeff Vance
National Measurer: Ray Sebo