Officers of FFI-ACT

President Peter Forster
Secretary Mary Kershaw
Treasurer Bruce McLelland
Committee Mathew Mitchell
Committee Paul van Rugge
Measurer Peter Russell


Where to sail a Flying Fifteen in The Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Yacht Club
The Flying Fifteen has a long history at the Canberra Yacht Club (CYC), the fleet was established for class racing in season 1969-70. Numerous Australian championships have been conducted successfully on Lake Burley Griffin including seven Flying Fifteen championships, the first one in 1973-74.
Club racing is provided on most Sunday afternoons, with a ‘summer’ season from September until end of March, followed by a (short) autumn series, then a winter series, with racing every second Sunday from May until end of July. A ‘twilight’ series is conducted on Wednesday afternoons, with a 6 pm start, from mid October until mid March.
The area of Lake Burley Griffin adjacent to the CYC provides ample scope for racing in all wind conditions. The prevailing breezes are from the NW but often, late in the day, an easterly breeze provides some welcome variety. Like most inland waterways, the surface winds are affected by the general topography of the area surrounding the lake and by factors such as trees and buildings close to the lake shores. The racing area is very spectator friendly with the full course generally being visible from the shore at the clubhouse, and from several other idyllic lakeside viewing points. Inland sailing can be a great education for sailors who aspire to compete overseas!
The CYC is located on Lotus Bay and is close to the city centre and Canberra’s main tourist attractions. The CYC is co-located in the Canberra Southern Cross Club building and has its own small club room, the Sailor’s Cabin, complete with office and (limited) bar facilities. The Canberra Southern Cross Club has a full service bar and dining facility on its upper level and a coffee shop and take-away outlet adjacent to the Sailor’s Cabin on the ground floor.
The CYC has a hard stand facility and a launching crane suitable for Flying Fifteens. Dinghies and catamarans are launched from the club’s lawns. There is also an adjacent boat ramp and jetty where Flying Fifteens may be launched from their road trailer.

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