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“The Original Sports Boat”

A Flying Fifteen is the original sports boat, as it is a planing keelboat.
There are more than 4000 Flying Fifteen’s around the world, and are suitable for racing on a variety of sea, estuaries, lakes and rivers.

In Australia there are 15’s in most states and you can find contacts under the Fleets tab.

There is an annual National Championship where sailors compete for the Coweslip Trophy presented by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. In addition most states have their own state championship as well as regular club racing.

“On the global scene every second year there is a World Championship which rotates between Continents. On the in-between years there is a European Championship.”.

Why Not Join Us for the Ride of your Life on Water

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Designer Uffa Fox CBE (1947)
Overall length 20 ft 6.1m
Waterline Length 15 ft 4.6m
Beam 5 ft 1.52m
Draft 2 ft 6in 0.76m
Mast Height 22ft 6in 6.86m
Sail Area 150sq ft 14sq m
Spinnaker Area 140sq ft 13sq m
Minimum Hull Weight 304lbs 138Kgs
Minimum Keel Weight 372lb 169Kgs
YV Yardstick Open/Silver 109
Classic 112
Racing Crew Two Persons