Well it honked all night and many thought there would not be any racing.

The Race Officer had other ideas and started the race in about 25 knots, which moderated during the race to about 15-18 knots.

Race 3  (sausage-triangle-sausage, downwind finish 300m past the gate)

The sea was running at 0.5 to 1m, not too high considering the conditions. There was a general recall so the second start was an “I over Z” which acted as a great deterrent although 4 boats were OCS including Swanny.

Graham Vials led from the gate mark for the rest of the race with Jeremy Davy in pursuit, the rest of the fleet battled it out. The 2 sail reach from the gate to the finish was a screamer!

The Australians are close, positions being after 3 races Peter Rooke is lying 15th and John Wilson 17th and Philippa 18th.

Full Results