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Year Event
1947 The Flying Fifteen Yacht designed by Uffa Fox.
1948 Three yachts built in quick succession at the Medina Yacht Yard at Cowes. The class was known as Dainty Ducks and changed to Flying Fifteens with the characteristic fortissimo lettering
1949 The Flying Fifteen Association of Great Britain was formed, first secretary Sqdn Leader Charles Nance.
1949 First FF championship of the British Isles – won by Sqdn Leader Charles Nance sailing Neesa FF6.
1949 John (Tally) Hobbs of Western Australia ordered a set of plans from Uffa Fox.
1949 Uffa fox meets Prince Philip HRH Duke of Edinburgh, they became firm friends and frequently sailed together.
1950 The people of Cowes present Prince Philip with his own Flying Fifteen “Coweslip”.
1950 Tally Hobbs of WA builds and launches the first Flying Fifteen in Australia – Serena #196
1954 First hulls built from GRP produced in the UK.
1958 Tally Hobbs builds a second boat “Sheba” #396
1961 Bill Shand of Lindenow Victoria builds his first Flying Fifteen “FFalanger ” #550.
1962 Australian Flying Fifteen Association founded in Western Australia with Tally Hobbs as President and G.J.Sassella as secretary.
1962 First Australian Flying Fifteen fleet established in Western Australia.
1962 Osborne McCutcheon of Melbourne purchases his first Fifteen “Molly-O II “
1962 July, Tally Hobbs writes to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh who generously presents the new Australian Association with the Coweslip trophy for their annual championship.
1962 Dec/Jan 1963 – First Australian National Championship held at Cockburn Sound, Western Australia, with 7 boats competing – 5 from WA and 2 fronm Victoria and Dr A. Tregonning won in “Sheba” #369.
1963 FF Fleet established at Mornington Victoria and first State Titles held at Gippsland Lakes.
1963 First Western Australia State titles organised by Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club and sailed on Cockburn Sound.
1964 FF first NSW State Titles sailed at Avalon Pittwater.
1972 Death of Uffa Fox, aged 74 (1898 – 1972).

The Western Australian Association produces a mould for local production based on a British Wyche & Coppock hull imported from the UK. Twenty five boats were built by MB Yachts/Frazer Fibreglass from this mould.

1975 Class receives International status from RYA/IYRU
1975 First Queensland State titles sailed at RQYS.
1978 WA Association imports a mould from UK builder Shephards for local production.
1979 First World Championship held in Australia at Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C. WA.
Won by John Cassidy and Don Russell of Australia sailing “Free ‘n’ Easy” #2246.Since then Australia has won another 5 World Championships:
1982 – Peter Gale & Mark Rimmington in “Zero G” #2386
1984 – Graeme Lillingston & Mike McKenzie in “Gripple Nipper” #2682
1986 – Glen Coulton & Grant Schultz in “Instant Replay” #2975
2005 – Nick & Janet Jerwood in “Spot the Difference” #3743
2009 – Grant Alderson & Dean McAullay in “No Bull” #3833
1981 First Windebank hull (#2757) imported into WA
1982 MarineWorld of WA imports the Windbank mould II 1/2 and commences production.
1986 Bill Shand of Victoria purchases the MarineWorld mould …. to become known as the Shandebank mould.
1987 Gale & Rimington of Victoria build a mould based on the Windebank IV design and commence production.
A decade of development and tightening of tolerances to achieve a Standard Hull shape based on the designs of the British yacht designer Roy Windebank.
This decade also saw the introduction of exotic fibres in yacht construction such as carbon fibre, kevlar and honeycomb cores of nomex.
1990 Seventh World Championship held at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Brisbane
1993 Final introduction of hull measuring templates with reduced tolerances.
1993 SailPower Marine of WA import the Windebank Mould X and commence production.
1997 50th Anniversary, celebrated with a World Championship in Cowes, UK.
1998 Final introduction of keel measurement templates with reduced tolerances.
1999 Twelfth World Championships at Esperance Bay Yacht Club, WA
2001 Flying Fifteen fleets established in South Australia at Goolwa and Adelaide.
2002 First State Championship in South Australia
2003 FFIA President – Nils Blumann elected Commodore of FFI, first time it has been held outside the UK
2006 FFIA Constitution revised and the Association is Incorporated in Western Australia
2007 First boat built by Hick Marine, Victoria
2009 17th World Championship held at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria – winners were Grant Alderson & Dean McAullay in “No Bull” AUS 3833
2009 FFI Introduced the Uffa Fox Gold Medal for members who have made a significant contribution to the class, Australians Nils Blumann, Nigel Peck and William (Bill) Shand were recipients along with Roy Windebank of the UK.
2011 Australian Ramon Sebo together with UK members Sarah Flower, Roger Palmer, Tony Lee & Brenda Lee were awarded an Uffa Fox Gold Medal by FFI for outstanding contributions to the Class.
2012 50th Anniversary Australian Championship sailed at South of Perth YC.
2012 July 21-Flying Fifteen 4000 launched at Gippsland Lakes YC
2015 Peter Rooke, former FFIA President, appointed FFI Commodore.
2021 FFI World & National Championship postponed due to Covid 19 pandemic.
2022 Australian Championship postponed due to Covid 19 pandemic.
2023 23rd FFI World Championship Organised by Royal Freshwater Bay YC, Perth and sailed from Fremantle S. C.