Membership Strengthens the Class.

Membership of FFIA is achieved by being a Boat Owning Member of an Australian State or Territory Flying Fifteen Association. details of categories of membership are detailed in our  FFIA Constitution (Updated May 2019).

FFIA organises a National Championship every year which rotates around the States, the main trophy being the Coweslip Trophy (see all past winners here) which was presented by HRH Prince Philip. The States have their own annual State Championship providing very tight racing throughout the fleets.

More than 4000 Flying Fifteens have been registered world wide and it is truly an International Class, with World Championships held every second year in alternate hemispheres. The current world champions are Graham Vials and Chris Turner who won the last Worlds’ at  The National Yacht Club of Ireland, Dun Laoghaire in September 2019. The  next World Championship was scheduled for February 2021 hosted by Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club to be sailed from  Fremantle, Western Australia, however, due to the Covid  19 pandemic a final decision will be made on the timing in August 2020.

To participate in FFIA events both the helm and crew must be a member of their State Association or one of the recognised FFI Associations around the World. If chartering a boat the owner, as well as the helm and crew, must also be a financial member of a State Association or one of the recognised FFI Associations.

As a member you are entitled to:

  • Compete in all Class events including the Nationals and Worlds (subject to  qualifying – see championship regulations).
  • Receive Newsletters and the FFI Year Book (now online)
  • Vote in all ballots for changes to the class rules – it is this dynamic change to keep our class modern that sustains growth and retains the value in our boats.
  • Vote in all ballots relating changes to the FFI constitution and Championship Regulations.
  • Free Advertising of Boats for Sale

Most clubs require a current measurement certificate to compete in club racing, you can only obtain this by being a member. Note – change of ownership and/or change of boat name invalidates an existing measurement certificate

Without a class association new boats are unlikely to be built as there would not be a National or State Championships and the pundits would sail another class leaving our class to wither.

Hopefully this information will persuade you to join up, and make the class even stronger.

Membership Forms are available from the State Secretaries – see each individual State page for details