Todays forecast was for 10-12 knot NE winds with rain throughout the day. With the first warning signal scheduled for 13:30 and a high tide at 14:42 meant the tide would be flooding during first race and then starting to run out in second race.  Surely this would give the teams a lot to think about with the NE course run in the lee of Green Island. 

As the crews rigged the boats and launched them to set-out to the race area, there were passing showers, some of those quite heavy.  After a particularly heavy shower passed, there was no breeze to allow the teams to sail out to the race course. With paddles at the ready, some boats made it to the mouth of the harbour before a NE breeze started to filter in. 
Racing was underway with a slight delay so that the course was laid to match the new NE breeze. It was pleasing to see that there was a number of spectator boats out on the course today supporting the teams. 
The first race of the day got underway in 10-12 breezes as predicted and conditions were perfect. The course set was for a windward/return, followed by a triangle course. When crews made the windward mark, they found that the offset mark was quite a distance away and further to windward. The windward mark was reset during the running leg and signaled appropriately. The reaches were fun with the second reaching leg being quite tight and challenging for the teams to keep the boats under them. 
The top three for race 7:
Surprise by GiverAUS
Race 8 and the breeze had kicked up a little. The battle between Sake and Surpise By GiverAUS was at melting point with just 4 points separating them, Sake with the upper hand.  The race got underway and an individual recall flag was shown. No boats returned, meaning someone was going to get some bad news when making shore. As in the first race today, there were shifts and lulls and managing those was key to succeeding. Sake, after a rough start moved through the fleet to take second place behind Flying Fifteen stalwarts John Wilson and Matt Summers from South of Perth YC. Only 8 seconds behind the leader, 3rd place went to ARK, having a great day after winning the first race today. Close finishes echoed throughout the fleet with many places being separated by seconds. Top three for race 8:
Ffast Lane 4
Tomorrow’s racing begins at 13:00, with just one race scheduled to complete the series. Sake with their hands almost on the trophy, Surprise by GiverAUS not out of the picture just yet. 3rd place also not confirmed with Flying Flamingos, Fflashpoint, Ffast Lane 4 and ARK all very close. Tomorrow’s racing will be exciting with many boats tied on points or separated by very slim margins. 
Full results can be found on the regatta website
Reported by Chris Howell