Day 2 served up a typical Esperance spring day with a cool southerly breeze of no more than 15knots, low swell and an even lower chop. RO Wallace got the fleet moving at exactly 1000 over a couple of longer courses with only a couple of boats having to be reminded to start correctly with the X flag.    

Luke and Muddy (Neffarious) continued their winning form with 2 more bullets to seal the series. Grant and the other Luke (El Toro) won the other race to finish second overall and Team Dunbar ( Mike and Paul in Ineffable) were models of consistency to finish third overall.

While the on water action was super competitive and difficult to pick a winner, the Mug of the Day was a runaway victory for the Chairman of the organising committee, David Swan. Within the first 5 minutes of the welcome night, Swanny had forgotten that John Wilson, the principle sponsor of this and many other regattas, was also a Life Member of the state association. This established Swanny in an unassailable position to win the not particularly coveted award despite the efforts of other sailors to score points by falling out of boats and various mechanical faux pas.

Esperance Bay Yacht Club are renowned for running fabulous sailing events and this was no exception. Thanks to Commodore and Race Officer Stewart Wallace, Regatta Chairman David Swan, Sailing Administrator Toni Hawkins and the large contingent of volunteers who pitched in to make a memorable and successful event.    

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