Boats and equipment were still being worked on this morning with the smell of epoxy in the air. Although, all boats and crews made it out to the race course today. A (slightly) easier day today with SE winds in 15-18 knot range.  
The breeze did shift a little today and the crews that picked the shifts well and were on the correct side of the course managed to make their way to the top of the results. Race officers were also kept busy managing course adjustments with Mark changes in both races. 

Stephen Fries (Surprise by GiverAUS) recounted in the last race of the day struggling to make the top mark with Sake slightly to Leeward. “They couldn’t quite make the mark and were forced to tack twice to make it around the mark. That gave us a 50 meter lead and we managed to hold them until the finish and take the win”.
Top 3 in Race 3:
Reliance ffenty ffoo
Top 3 in Race 4:
Surprise by GiverAUS

The forecast for tomorrow’s racing is for 10-12 knot Easterly breezes and racing will commence after the Flying Fifteen Australia Class Annual General Meeting. 
Full results can be found on the regatta website
Report by Chris Howell