Just to let you know of a couple of developments:

At the Presidents request a Forum Page has been established on the FFIA website. It is easy to join, is restricted to FFIA (via State Membership) members. You only need to register and you are in.You can add comments to existing topics. I have not fully worked out how this all works so if you want a new topic just email me.

The Championship results have been updated to make them “mobile friendly” so when you view on a phone or tablet the columns are vertical, they look normal on a computer. While doing this project several reports have been added to most of the National Championships, these are a collage of newspaper/magazine cuttings, articles by various contributors. Thanks are due to Peter Forster and Howard Proctor who retained the information for our benefit. the Reports are in .pdf format so are not particularly mobile friendly – best viewed on a computer.

With all the lockdowns it is difficult to predict if we can have a Championship in January, but your committee is still working on it.