Walbourrne Trophy_900

Originally The Walbourn Trophy was presented in 1986/7 by Wing Commander Derek Walbourn DSO, DFC & Bar. You can read more about Derek here.

Awarded annually to the helmsperson of the winning boat whose sail number is 400 below that of the highest sail number competing in the Australian National Championship.

In 2016 FFIA reassigned this Trophy to be Awarded to the First Classic Boat in the Australian Championship

Walbourn Trophy Winners        
Year No. Boat Name Helm Crew Home State Host Club
2020 No Classic Entries    
2019 1671 Scallywag M.Read   SA Royal South Australian YS
2018 962 Affrodite T.Cobb A.Tibbits Vic Mornington Y.C.
2017 No No Classic  Entries      
2016 3617 The Wife's ffault J Hanrahan S.Claringbold ACT Canberra Y.C.
2015 3259 Eagle Eye K.Dawes R.Dawes WA Sandgate Y.C.
2014 3554 TBA A.Coutts J.Maskiel Vic Lake Macquarie Y.C.
2013 3494 Catch Me Iff You Can C.Wells Ms S.Ellis WA Davey's Bay Y.C.
2012 3572 Relience XVII H.Carnachan R.Sebo WA South of Perth Y.C.
2011 3311 Form 3020 M.Owen A.Reed ACT Canberra Y.C.
2010 3527 But Why P.Milne P.Dubbin Vic Sandgate Y.C.
2009 3062 Good Thing D.Meldrum T.Williams Vic Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
2008 3095 Fiddle de Dee A.Semple L.Greeve WA Geraldton Y.C.
2007 3246 Travelling Sailsman A.Hawkins J.Hawkins Vic Royal Brighton Y.C.
2006 3311 Brumby P.Harvey N.Harvey ACT Canberra Y.C.
2005 3063 Stress Free Zone A.Frean T.Burtenshaw WA Adelaide S.C.
2004 3254 Soggy Sox R.Walker D.Ward Qld Tin Can Bay Y.C.
2003 3063 Stress Free Zone P.Burtenshaw P.Stead WA Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.
2002 2824 Cockatiel G.Dagley D.Collings Vic Gippsland Lakes Y.C.
2001 3263 Firefox P.Packer M.Wells WA Royal Prince Alfred Y.C.
2000 3100 The Boat Comes First P.Forster M.Roche ACT Royal Queensland Y.S.
1999 3086 Ffiddlestix B.Wilcock C.Wilcock NZ Esperance Bay Y.C.
1998 3103 Ffeelings M.Rimmington D.Sanders Vic Mornington Y.C.
1997 2755 Gunnadoo D.Meldrum M.Brown Vic Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.
1996 3055 Miss Behavin' R.Signorini D.Norgate Vic Canberra Y.C.
1995 2975 Instant Replay J.Flower S.Tyrell GBR Royal Queensland Y.S.
1994 2755 Gunnadoo D.Meldrum R.Signorini Vic Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
1993 2755 Gunnadoo D.Meldrum M.Brown Vic Davey's Bay Y.C.
1992 2755 Gunnadoo D.Meldrum M.Brown Vic Esperance Bay Y.C.
1991 2835 Rustler P.Russell P.Russell ACT Canberra Y.C.
1990 2904 Gazelle V J.Anderson R.Sebo WA Royal Queensland Y.S.
1989 1104 Eyesore in the driveway S.Mellington R.Taylor Vic Lake Macquarie Y.C.
1988 1722 Firefox J.Knight C.Johnson WA Mornington Y.C.
1987 1722 Firefox J.Knight C.Johnson WA Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.