Anniversary Trophy_900

The Anniversary Trophy was presented in 1997 by Flying Fifteen Victoria to celebrate the Class Jubilee.
Awarded to the first Classic boat in the Australian National Championships.

In 2017 this Trophy has been re-assigned to the Crew of the Winning boat in the FFIA Australian Championship

Anniversary Trophy Winners
Year No. Boat Name Helm Crew Home State Host Club
2020 3972 Sake A.Kingston Qld Royal Queensland Y.S.
2019 3986 Ineffable   Enfys Jerwood WA Royal South Australian YS
2018 4023 Cool Change   Andrew Reed ACT Mornington Y.C.
2017 3986 Ineffable   Janet Jerwood WA Esperance Bay Y.C.
2016 2250 Euffamism G. Giles P.Strauch ACT Canberra Y.C.
2015 1398 Secret Fifteen G.Williamson I.Mitchell Hill Qld Sandgate Y. C.
2014 1717 Thistle A.Rennie L.Allen NSW Lake Macquarie Y. C.
2013 962 Affrodite R.Burdon-Bear L. Kearney Vic Davey's Bay Y.C.
2012 2756 Fawkes R. Ellard K. Treharne SA South of Perth Y C
2011 2672 Gazelle III J. Midolo G. Cook WA Canberra Y C
2010 962 Affrodite R. Burdon-Bear L. Kearney Vic Sandgate Y.C
2009 2523 Feel Flows A. McKee M. Smith GBR Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
2008 2114 Sweet Caroline T. Thuijs K. Thuijs WA Geraldton Yacht Club
2007 1362 Lock n Load A. Semple R. Joseph WA Royal Brighton Y.C.
2006 2251 Iffy C.Arnold A.Arnold SA Canberra Y.C.
2005 2250 Euffamism R.Burdon-Bear L.Kearney Vic Adelaide S C
2004 2250 Euffamism R.Burdon-Bear L.Kearney Vic Tin Can Bay Y.C.
2003 2251 Electric Diamonds I.Anderson R.Blaquiere WA Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.
2002 2385 In the Pink R.Burdon-Bear A.Millar Vic Gippsland Lakes Y.C.
2001 2759 State of the Ark P.Fullagar R.Pover ACT Royal Prince Alfred Y.C.
2000 2759 State of the Ark P.Fullagar W.Causebrook ACT Royal Queensland Y.S.
1999 2822 Serenity D.Reynolds J.Miller WA Esperance Bay Y.C.
1998 3099 Molly-O H.Proctor D.Lawrence Vic Mornington Y.C.