J.A.T. “Tally” Hobbs Trophy

Tally Hobbs Trophy_900

The J.A.T. “Tally” Hobbs Trophy was presented in 2001.

Awarded to the first boat in the Silver Division in the The Australian National Championships.

J.A.T. “Tally” Hobbs Trophy Winners

Year No Boat Name Helm Crew Home State Host Club
2003 3063 Stress Free Zone P.Burtenshaw P.Stead WA Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.
2004 2824 Frivolous C.Arnold A.Arnold SA Tin Can Bay Y.C.
2005 3063 Stress Free Zone A.Frean T.Burtenshaw WA Adelaide S.C.
2006 2104 Dumb & Dumber M.Owen H.Faulks ACT Canberra Y.C.
2007 3171 FFlagship D. Collings G. Scheen Vic Royal Brighton Y.C.
2008 3095 Fiddle de Dee A. Semple Ms L. Greeve WA Geraldton Yacht Club
2009 3062 Good Thing D. Meldrum T. Williams Vic Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
2010 3257 Think Big R. Molkentin C. Lark Qld Sandgate Y. C.
2011 3311 Form 3020 M. Owen A. Reed ACT Canberra Y. C.
2012 3085 Fiddle de Dee A. Semple Ms L. Greeve WA South of Perth Y C
2013 3259 Eagle Eye Ms K.Dawes R. Dawes WA Davey’s Bay Y.C.
2014 3062 GT G. Seeley G. Anderson ACT Lake Macquarie Y.C.
2015 3259 Eagle Eye K. Dawes R. Dawes WA Sandgate Y. C.
2016 3096 Trust in a Gust R.Longbottom D.Bentley ACT Canberra Y.C.
2017 3259 Eagle Eye  K. Dawes  R. Dawes WA Esperance Bay Y.C.
2018 3259 Eagle Eye K. Dawes R. Dawes WA Mornington Y.C.