FFI has prepared the biennial ballot for approval or otherwise by members around the world, the ballot papers have been mailed to you today.

Time is short as we must have our return to FFI by the end of the month and the snail pace of Aussie Post means it will be a tight schedule. So, as soon as you receive the papers please complete the ballot , pop into the stamped addressed envelope and then another pop into a mailbox.

If you are travelling I can email a copy of the ballot documents and voting form on request.

We have provided a “How to Vote” sheet, answers are simple For or Against, no maybe’s or Senate.

We value your taking part in the Ballot and hope we all make the right decisions to make our Great Boats even Greater.

Note only boat owning members financial on the 31st March are entitled to vote, if a boat is joint owned – still only one vote, if you own more than one boat – still only one vote.