The Canberra Plate

Canberra Plate_900

Presented by the FFI ACT Association.

Awarded annually to the second placed boat in the Australian National Championship

The Canberra Plate Winners

Year No. Boat Name Helm Crew Home State Host Club
1991 3101 Corangattack A.Smith P.Will Qld Canberra Y.C.
1992 3443 Glamour Puss G.Alderson A.Harry WA Esperance Bay Y.C.
1993 3313 Ruffa Gruffa J.Thomson M.Ritchie Vic Davey’s Bay Y.C.
1994 3257 Think Big C.Rainey I.Rainey Vic Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
1995 3313 Ruffa Gruffa J.Thomson D.Sanders Vic Royal Queensland Y.S.
1996 3312 Clapped Out Toy Boy I.Cleaver G.Wells GBR Canberra Y.C.
1997 3224 Crucial Moment G.Lillingston E.Repsevicius WA Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.
1998 3620 Gun’n’Dunnit D.Meldrum M.Brown Vic Mornington Y.C.
1999 3611 Scratch and Sniff A.Bax B.Masterman GBR Esperance Bay Y.C.
2000 3617 Gripple Nipper I.Cleaver C.Owen GBR Royal Queensland Y.S.
2001 3717 Galmour Buoys G.Leaversuch P.Barblett WA Royal Prince Alfred Y.C.
2002 2824 Cockatiel G.Dagley D.Collings Vic Gippsland Lakes Y.C.
2003 3781 16 R.Beurteaux C.O’Keefe WA Royal Freshwater Bay Y.C.
2004 3709 Relience Ffenty W.Shand D.Collings Vic Tin Can Bay Y.C.
2005 3619 Affrodisiac R.Packer P.Mudford WA Adelaide S.C.
2006 3670 Escalator G.Lillingston E.Repsevicius WA Canberra Y.C.
2007 3661 Fizz G. Dagley J. Dryder Vic Royal Brighton Y.C.
2008 3659 Hype K. Swinton A. Martin WA Geraldton Y.C.
2009 3911 **** B. Parkin T. Hall GBR Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
2010 3881 I’d swap this for a Bundy A. Hawkins B.Jones Vic Sandgate Y. C.
2011 3881 I’d swap this for a Bundy A. Hawkins B.Jones Vic Canberra Y. C.
2012 3987 Freshwater 1 A. Bax S Childs UK South of Perth Y C
2013 3972 Sake A.Smith A.Kingston Qld Davey’s Bay Y.C.
2014 3881 I’d Swap this for a Bundy A.Hawkins B.Jones Vic Lake Macquarie Y.C.
2015 3930 Aussie Falcon D.Collings G.Scheen Vic Sandgate Y.C.
2016 3657 Super Snabb C.Davidson R.Malpas ACT Canberra Y.C.
2017 4047 Fforever Young A.Bax S.Child GBR Esperance Bay Y.C.
2018 3989 Ffast Lane 4 J. Wilson M. Summers WA Mornington Y.C.