The Australian Boat Register (ABR) is available below.

The ABR is compiled to the best of our knowledge and we welcome input to improve/keep this list up to date. Even if you have a Flying Fifteen just as a fun boat/mooring minder or whatever, we would like to put it on our list.

Many members have contributed to the compilation of the list and we thank you for your input.

Approximately 700 Flying Fifteens have been registered in Australia since “Tally” Hobbs built Serena in 1950, almost 4100 have been registered world wide.

Boat numbers are now allocated on a world wide basis although in the early years countries were issued “blocks” of numbers. Now they are issued individually immediately prior to the commencement of  of construction.

The successes recorded relate to the season the event was sailed and in most instances refer to the later of the two years the season spans. Queensland holds its State Championship in the first part of the season and is an exception to the “rule”.