Bill Shand Trophy

Bill Shand trophy_900

The Bill Shand Trophy was presented in 2006 by Flying Fifteen International – Australia.
Awarded to the first boat whose combined helm and crew ages is 110 years or over.

In 2017 the combined minimum age was increased to 125 years or over.

The Bill Shand Trophy

Year No. Boat Name Helm Crew Home State Host Club
2006 3854 Relience FFenty Foo W. Shand D.Parish Vic Canberra Y.C.
2007 3540 Ffelix D. Swan N. Blumann WA Royal Brighton Y.C.
2008 3670 Escalator G.Lillingston E.Repsevicius WA Geraldton Y.C.
2009 3670 Escalator G.Lillingston E.Repsevicius WA Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
2010 3855 Fflashpoint P. Rooke M. Arrowsmith WA Sandgate Y. C.
2011 3855 FFlashpoint P. Rooke M. Arrowsmith WA Canberra Y.C.
2012 3670 Escalator G. Lillingston E Repsevicius WA South of Perth Y.C.
2013 3669 Oomps D.Tabb S.Lidgett GBR Davey’s Bay Y.C.
2014 3855 FFlashpoint P.Rooke B.Sheridan WA Lake Macquarie Y.C.
2015 3767 Bubbles K.Bubb L.Bubb Qld Sandgate Y. C.
2016 3617 The Wife’s ffault J.Hanrahan S.Claringbold ACT Canberra Y.C.
2017 3619 Affrodisiac R. Packer S.Ward WA Esperance Bay Y.C.
2018 3743 Spot the Difference G. Tonnison G. Lillingston WA Mornington YC