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Flying Fifteen Building Moulds, consisting of hull, deck, internal bulkhead& floor , spinnaker launcher & tube, compass console, rudder & blade joining jig. Plus a few other jigs etc. Castor wheeled hull & deck cradles.

The moulds are in as new condition & will produce a boat that does not require any polishing when it comes out of the mould. The hull mould was renewed a few years ago & is on very similar lines to most being produced around the world. It has proven to me to be very competitive if well sailed.

These moulds have never been outside a shed & have always been individually covered when not in use.

I am not interested in building any more as I have decided to enjoy sailing as long as possible & perhaps smelling the roses etc. They are occupying valuable shed space so they will be offered for a bargain price & if not sold will be cut up & tipped.

Originally I was after $25000.00 but today they can go for $3500.00

The keel pattern I built with a lot of help from a couple of friends in WA, I then took a mould off it which ended up at Ovingtons in UK. If you see an Ovington fitted keel in UK it will look very much like this pattern. I will not destroy this pattern but it is offered for sale for $3000.00. It is rather unique as it is in 2 half moulds, each mounted in its own casting box 0f 150 x 35 RHS gal steel holding a 19 mm marine ply base. All this means that the foundry can not cast a keel with a twist, they come out the same each time.
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