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AUS 3609.' Electric Diamonds niban'

AUS 3609.' Electric Diamonds niban'

Boat has not been sailed for 3 years. Just completed a full 2 pack professional paint job dec 2016. Boat…
Total views: 1799
AUS 3311 "Relience 60/5+1I"

AUS 3311 "Relience 60/5+1I"

Shand Mk3 one of a long line of Bill's Relience boats.Recently fitted out new halyards.new timber gunwales.mast and boom fitted…
Total views: 752
Aus 2386 "PIggy"

Aus 2386 "PIggy"

Very good cond. Road trailer (new tyres & bearings 6mths rego) Yard trailer (new tyres) Sails good cond. Very tidy…
Total views: 1166
3616 Ffunnily enuff

3616 Ffunnily enuff

1998 Shand Mk 4 on Shand Trailer $8,000 Well known competitive Canberra boat that I have owned and maintained over…
Total views: 2383