Hearty congratulations to Mark Holmes and Chris Villa on winning the ACT Flying 15 championship over the weekend.  The results from the YMCASC website are shown below, with a difference of 1 point between first and second.  Congratulations to the six crews who competed and a special thank you to the three visiting boats

ACT 2020 Winners

from Lake Macquarie.  We very much appreciate their effort in making the journey.  We didn’t manage to organise our prevailing wind, from the NW, for the weekend and there was rain for the entire time that we were on the lake on Saturday for the one race we sailed, over a long course! According to our rain gauge at Curtin, we had 20.5mms of rain that day.  For a change, we didn’t even need it for the garden let alone for an afternoon on the lake!  But, fortunately, we had a sunny day on Sunday and good wind from the east/south east quarter allowing the race committee to fit in three races for us to give us a series albeit with no drop.

We look forward to seeing the Lake Macquarie team compete again next year

Posn Boat # Boat Name Helm Crew Scores Total
1st 4062 Up Ship Creek Chris Villa Mark Holmes 1-4-1-1 7
2nd 3657 Super Snabb Matt Mitchell 2-1-2-3 8
3rd 3709 First Work Mark Horton 3-3-3-2 11
4th 3594 Relience Ffeighteen Peter Forster 4-2-4-4 14
5th 3620 Maybe Knot Bruce McLennan 5-6-5-5 21
6th 2911 Split Enz Paul Van Rugge DNF-5-6-6 24